Is Rattan Furniture Weather Proof and Can It Be Left Outside?

is rattan furniture weather proof

If you have ever wondered is rattan furniture weather proof, read on to discover whether you can leave your rattan furniture outside, safely place rattan furniture on grass, and is it necessary to cover rattan furniture for durability. We will then give you some top recommendations within your price range for weather proof rattan furniture.

What is Rattan

Rattan, a close relation to the palm tree, is both durable and flexible and is produced from a lightweight vine, which is often grown in the South East region. Through its rapid growth rate, the rattan strands are collected, their skins peeled off, and then they are used for weaving and binding joints. The core of the rattan vine is used to make furniture, and the curves areas of the furniture are done through a method called steaming.

Rattan is available in an array of natural available colours, or it is possible to experiment with patterns in the rattan furniture.

Can I Leave My Rattan Furniture Outside?

Rattan furniture is a popular choice for the indoor areas of your home like the conservatory, but also gardens, terraces, and other external areas. You want to know is rattan furniture weather proof, so the logical question to ask is can you leave your rattan furniture outside?

Because rattan is a very strong sturdy material, the good news is that it is safe to leave your furniture outside all year round. Its light, attractive appearance makes rattan furniture a good investment for garden furniture, and one of its characteristics is that it is chemical resistant and lightweight to transport, should you want to transport your furniture from your garden to your conservatory, for example.

The only recommendation for leaving your rattan furniture outside is to keep it clean during the colder months. A frequent build up of dust, dirt, and even food particles may cause a premature grinding of the rattan, when also exposed to the colder weather. Keep your rattan furniture clean and your furniture will thank you with durability for many years to come.

Although rattan furniture is waterproof, the cushions are fabric and frequent damp on cushions may lead to mould growth. Aim to store these away from the harsher damp and cold months, if possible, if you want to prevent mould growth, which is likely to spread quickly, if left untreated.

Another recommendation is to oil your rattan furniture. This prevents damp that could eventually soften and stretch the rattan fibres. Invest in some tung oil and apply this with a cloth to the rattan furniture when it is first transported to its spot outside.

During the winter months, a tarp or other weatherproof cover can protect your rattan furniture. These are a very inexpensive option for the damper colder months.

Can You Put Rattan Furniture on Grass?

Is rattan furniture weather proof and a good option to place on grass? Due to its lightweight material and durability, rattan furniture is perfectly safe to place on grass. Although it may leave a slight indentation on grass, the grass will ping back once it is removed.

As rattan furniture is available in an array of natural shades from cream to dark grey, your furniture selection will complement your garden features, especially plants, flowers, and trees.

Should I Cover My Rattan Furniture?

In the damper winter months, it is a good option to cover your rattan furniture, especially the cushions. This will prevent mould growth, which may occur if there is a build up of dirt and dust on cushions that then mix with rainwater to encourage mould growth.

Visit your local garden centre to buy a quality tarp covering, or other alternative weatherproof covering to fit your rattan furniture. Otherwise, store your cushions away until the warmer months when you will enjoy the use of your rattan furniture again.

My Top Picks For Weatherproof Rattan Furniture

Now that you have an answer to your original question, is rattan furniture weather proof? Here are some top rattan furniture recommendations to suit your budget from under £100 to over £500.


3 piece rattanThis leisure zone 3-piece luxury rattan furniture set weatherproof patio conservatory set for the internal and external areas, armchair and coffee table set features a one year warranty, and includes cushions for just £99.99. It is available in black or brown and features weatherproof UV stabilised PE rattan, which does not require painting or treating.

This ensures that your rattan furniture can be left outdoors all year round. The cushion covers are easily removable and washable. The table features tempered safety glass, and the rattan furniture features high quality resin-weave with an aluminium frame.

Perhaps you want a rattan furniture item of a single armchair. Try this Peter Corfu outdoor rattan garden furniture armchair with a cream cushion for just £69.99. It is the perfect size to place inside your conservatory or garden seating area, and includes four cream cushions. It does require a little home assembly, but this is achievable with a few household tools. Its rattan frame has a three-year guarantee.

Rattan furniture with a parasol cover is a great investment during the summer months when you and your family can eat out during a barbecue, and the parasol will provide adequate shade from the soaring sunrays. The Arizona rattan dining is a popular family rattan garden furniture set, which features four seats and a dining table plus a parasol and base. It is a steal at £557.08 through its current promotional offer.

This set features a 90x90cm square rattan dining table, plus four luxury padded rattan dining chairs, a 2.5m parasol, and finally a 12kg parasol base. The Giardino quality craftsmanship features aluminium frames and polyethylene weatherproof rattan, which ensures the furniture will stay free from corrosion.

The cushion covers are even water resistant and build to last, however, they feature a zip cover so can be easily removed and washed for freshness. Features a twelve-month manufacturers guarantee, plus a five-year extended warranty on its internal frames. This furniture set is available in brown or grey.

If you want a rattan furniture set that features a made to measure weatherproof cover worth £49.99 to protect your furniture from the elements of damp and cold, invest in this rattan wicker weave garden furniture with three piece suite. This rattan furniture is built to last and is constructed form PE rattan weave material, which requires no treatment or painting.

The high quality cushion covers included are both dirt resistant and shower proof, but these are easily removable for washing. This set is available in dark grey and features a table, a two-seater sofa, and two single chairs.

In Conclusion 

Rattan furniture is both stylish, durable, and weatherproof. We have answered your question, is rattan furniture weather proof, and stated that yes, rattan furniture is safe to keep outdoors, on the grass, and covers are also available to protect your furniture all year round. To extend the life of your furniture, keep it dust, dirt, and free of food debris, so ensure that you give it a wipe frequently.

If your cushion covers are not weather proof, store them inside the house, or the shed, but most cushions are easily removable for washing should you see any mould growth on the covers.

We have provided four weather proof rattan furniture sets, one of which includes a free made to measure waterproof cover worth £49.99.

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