Puerto Rico Holidays Guide

Among the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico is the smallest one. It is also called the Greater Antilles. It is 1000 miles away from Florida and it is situated between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands. San Juan is its capital. Puerto Rico is a part of the United States. In Puerto Rico, you will find lots of mountains and tropical ecosystems. In Puerto Rico, you can see the coffee, tobacco, and sugarcane plantations. It is one of the major hubs of finance, tourism, communications, and Caribbean commerce. On the other hand, San Juan is the world’s busiest cruise ship port.

The beaches of Puerto Rico are warm and sandy. Other than this you will also see tropical rainforest, world-class surfing, fine music, and Spanish colonial sites. In Puerto Rico, you will find the summer season throughout the year because of its tropical location and cooling sea breezes. Even then the best tourist season is from December to April. The US currency is used in Puerto Rico but is called Peso. Sales tax is not applied on this island. But in hotels, there is a tax of 9% and 11% if it has a casino.

Most people of Puerto Rico are artists by nature. It doesn’t matter that they are trained in school or they are self-taught persons. In Puerto Rico, there are dozens of art galleries and museums. One of the most interesting places to see the Puerto Rican arts is the Museum of the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras. The greatest artwork of the island in at the Museo de Arte de Ponce, which is situated in Las Americas Avenue, the largest city of Puerto Rico.

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