Rosamar Apartments

Rosamar Apartments


When you stay at the Rosamar Apartments in Puerto del Carmen Spain you will be able to get to the beach in a matter of minutes. This is an excellent benefit due to the fact that it means you can enjoy the various activities there or just have the freedom of relaxing near something so beautiful.

The town is a very busy place and you will love it. You can spend your time going to shows, seeing the culture, experiencing some very unique food items, and also shopping. When it gets dark out you better have energy left for the busy clubs!


The Rosamar Apartments are considered to be 3 stars. They offer both one and two bedroom units. They are very clean and they offer a living room, bedrooms that are large, a kitchenette, and a private balcony area. They also are very comfortable so that you can feel great being away from the normal comforts of home.

If you want to save some money on eating out you can cook some of your meals in the apartment. There are several markets down the block and a couple of the will even deliver. This is a very fast and easy way to get the supplies you may want to have on hand.


The swimming pool at the Rosamar Apartments is nice sized and it features a children’s area. There are plenty of activities for kids hosted in this area during the day. They are for kids up to 12 years of age. There is a bar out there and snacks as well as parasols and loungers.

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