Don Juan Hotel

Don Juan Hotel


You can literally walk just a few steps from the lobby of the Don Juan Hotel and have your feet in the sand of the beach. This is a wonderful area of Magalluf to stay in. There is so much to see and do, and you can access all of it without a rental vehicle. You can walk to see shows or to find places to eat. You can experience unbelievable shopping locations and busy clubs.


It is important to note that the streets by the Don Juan Hotel are extremely narrow. As a result you will be dropped off at a bus stop and then walk to the hotel. You don’t have to walk far but it is nice to be aware of this fact before you arrive.

There are 250 rooms offered at the Don Juan Hotel. Each of them offers a spacious location where you can have time to relax. You will drift off to sleep fast in the comfortable beds. You can start your day and end it by taking in the great view from the balcony.


The food offered at the Don Juan Hotel is amazing, and this will be one of the places you want to eat frequently while in Magalluf. You can relax in the cocktail lounge or have a blast in the game room. The outdoor swimming pool is a great place to relax and to cool off.

The Don Juan Hotel also offers a great outdoor recreational area. Here you can enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, and tennis. There is plenty for people of all ages to do.

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